Bitcoin Faucet

Instead of playing the game, you can simply claim here. Each claim will use 20 stamina and send a radom amount between 5 and 20 satoshi directly to your wallet. You can claim once every 5 minutes until you run out of stamina. Stamina regenerates by 1 every 5 minutes.

Level up in the game to increase your stamina capacity.

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Promote your referral link to earn more bitcoin. Every referral will immediately credit 10 satoshi to your wallet when they register. Every time the referred player claims from the faucet, you will be paid 4 satoshi. You will also receive 20% of every withdrawal of the referred players funds. In short, there's 3 ways to earn from referrals. The registration, faucet claims, and funds withdrawals. All IP addresses are recorded and reported to Faucetpay.

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