Movement is similar to interactive fiction. Select North, East, South, or West from the direction buttons when available to change areas. The game map is a 20x20 grid of areas. Movement is unavailable when in combat with an npc or when in a building.


Players may find their way to areas using map coordinates. North Town is area 1,1. South Town is area 20,20. The lumber camp is area 1,4. The lake is area 5,5. The magic altar is area 1,20. The little house is at 17,4. The small farm is at 20,2. The iron mine is at 3,1. The coal mine is at 5,7. The magic mine is at 4,20. The boss arena is at 20,16.

Player Interaction

Players in the same area are visible to each other. Players who are engaged in npc combat or a captcha will not be visible. Inactive players are also not be visible. Players in the same are may chat with each other or engage in pvp. Chat messages are only be heard by players in the same area. Players can only attack players in the same area. Players become invisible when away from keyboard for more than 15 minutes.


Various inventory items function differently. Consumable items such as food or potions may be used by clicking their icon. Consumable items and resources are stackable up to a carry capacity. The carry capacity goes up with each level. Some items such as tools are not stackable.

Stamina and Harvesting

Methods of gaining resources include foraging, cutting wood, fishing, mining, and cooking. Harvesting may be done in the forest, at the mines, or at the lake and requires that the player has stamina points. Players have a level of stamina that may be put toward harvesting. Each successful harvest drains 1 stamina point. Every 5 minutes, 1 stamina point is regenerated. Players gain higher stamina capacity as they level up.


While in the forest, players may attempt to forage for berries. The chances of finding berries is low and will require many repeated attempts. Foraging requires no tools. Berries are consumable for a small amount of health. They may also be sold at the general stores in North and South Town. Players have a small chance to find a small bag of funds instead of berries.

Cutting Wood

Cutting wood requires the player to be in the forest and have an axe. Selecting the option to cut wood attempts to give the player some wood. Players may sell the wood at the lumber camp or cook with it. Players may obtain an axe coupon at the lumber camp if their axe breaks. The axe coupon will reduce the price of the players next axe from 10 to 2 funds.


Fishing requires the player to be at the lake and have a net. Selecting the option to catch fish attempts to give the player some raw fish. There is a small chance the fish will burn. If the fish burns, the wood and raw fish used will be lost. Players may cook the raw fish or sell it.


Ore may be mined to create various weapons. There is an iron mine, coal mine, and magic mine. Mining requires a pickaxe, which may be purchased at the blacksmith.


Cooking requires the player to be at the lake or in the forest. The player must also have raw fish, wood, and a firestarter. Selecting the option to cook raw fish attempts to give the player some cooked fish. Players may eat the cooked fish for a medium amount of health or sell it. Cooked fish sells for a little more than raw fish.


There are two quests to complete. To complete the harvesting quest, players must deliver 20 cooked fish and 20 berries to the lady in the little house. Completing the harvesting quest gives 650 experience. To complete the possessed gnome quest, players must visit the small farm and kill 20 possessed gnomes. Completing the possessed gnome quest gives 500 experience.

Boss Arena

As players advance in level, they may test their skills against bosses at the boss arena. Defeating bosses gives large amounts of experience. Select the "Challenge boss" option in the arena to fight your current boss. Each boss is stronger than the last.

Random Events

Npc battles appear randomly in the forest or at the lake. Axes, nets, and firestarters all have a random chance of breaking after a number of uses. Players have a random chance of getting hurt while harvesting resources. Players have a random chance of finding a bag of funds while foraging. When eating berries or cooked fish, there's a small chance for the player to get food poisoning. If poisoned, the player will lose 1 health instead of gaining any and the food item will still be lost.


Captchas will appear randomly anywhere in the game. The player must solve the captcha challenge to continue the game. If the captcha is unreadable, then refresh the page for a new image.

Currency and Stores

The game currency is called funds. Funds may be used to purchase items in the game stores. The stores include a general store and a blacksmith. The stores are in North Town and South Town. Funds earned in game may be withdrawn as bitcoin to wallets. The rate is 1 satoshi per fund. The withdrawal threshold is 50 funds. Players may sell raw fish, cooked fish, berries, iron ore, coal, and magic ore to the general stores. Players may sell wood to the lumber camp.

Money Banks

Any player who dies will lose all carried funds. Funds may be saved by storing them in the banks in North Town and South Town. Funds may be deposited and withdrawn any time the player is in a bank.

NPC Combat

Players will be randomly attacked by various creatures while in the forest. The will be an option to fight or run. Stronger creatures reside in the southern areas. Experience and mana are rewarded for successful npc kills. Npc drops include small bags of funds and stamina potions.


Players who are into the forest will have the option of going hunting. Selecting the hunt option will attempt to initiate combat with an npc from the players current area. This will allow for training combat without moving around and waiting to be attacked. When a player goes hunting and finds a target, 1 stamina will be used. No stamina is used if no target is found. There's a 50 percent chance of the player attacking first or the target attacking first.


When players are in the same area, they will have the option to attack each other. Players being attacked will always have a chance to retaliate. After attacking or being attacked, players may continue to move areas and are not limited in movement like with npc combat. PVP areas are multi combat zones for players. Multiple players may engage in combat with each other. Kills are awarded to players who deliver the final attack that drains their opponent to 0 health. With each kill, players are awarded experience and all of the funds carried in the inventory of their kill. Make sure you bank your funds and return to a safe area before logging out. Your profile will remain visible for up to 15 minutes.


Possessing a weapon will raise the maximum possible attack damage of the wielding player. Players may purchase weapons from the blacksmiths in North Town and South Town. They may also be built at the blacksmith. Building weapons requires ore and a hammer. Weapons include the knife, iron dagger, and iron sword, steel dagger, steel sword, magic dagger, and magic sword. Iron weapons require iron ore to build. Steel weapons require iron ore and coal to build. Magic weapons require magic ore and coal to build. Players may only own one weapon at a time. When a new weapon is obtained, the old one is lost. Weapons have their own health. Each attack during npc combat will degrade weapon health by 1. Weapons do not degrade in pvp usage. If the weapon health is at 1, weapons may randomly break while when in use at any time. More powerful weapons are less likely to break, but still may break at any time if the weapon health is fully degraded. Weapons may be repaired at the blacksmith. Each repair costs 1 fund and regenerates 30 weapon health.


Health potions restore 10 health. Mana potions restore 10 mana. Stamina potions restore 10 stamina. Health and mana potions may be purchased at the general stores in North Town and South Town. Stamina potions may be randomly found while foraging or as npc drops.


Players may use magic in pvp combat by possessing magic essence. One essence is used for every attack. The attack can be direct or a retaliation. Players attacking with magic essence will cause up to 1 to 3 extra damage. The magic damage stacks with weapon damage. Magic essence may be produced for 2 mana each at the magic altar.


Players die when their health reaches 0. When that happens, the player will respawn at north town with 10hp. Any funds in the players inventory will be lost on death.