A new area called the boss arena has been added to the game. As players get stronger they may challenge more powerful bosses. Check out the guide for the details.
Gemino 8/4/2020

New items and skills have been added to the game. Players may now mine ore using a pickaxe and turn the ore into weapons at the blacksmith using a hammer. New weapons include the steel dagger, steel sword, magic dagger, and magic sword. Check the guide for more information on mining and weapons building.
Gemino 7/4/2020

Development has been slow for this game over the past few weeks. I have been busy preparing our home for long term isolation. To reflect the economic situation surrounding cryptocurrency, I have increased payout amounts. When you withdraw game funds, you will now be paid 25% more. I have also increased faucet payments and referral payments. The overall interface and appearance has been updates to a more modern look. There's now a mobile version of the site, but the desktop version remains better for now.
Gemino 29/3/2020

I have added some stats to player profiles. This will allow players to see each others levels and hopefully encourage more competition. A major bug was discovered and fixed. It was being heavily abused by one greedy player. Thankfully I caught the issue before things got out of hand.
Gemino 7/3/2020

Due to growing pressure to make websites more secure, I have implemented SSL on SBBD. The whole site should now automatically load as HTTPS. I am still going through all of the code to make sure no third party HTTP content is mixed in. For example, I will be temporarily removing Coinmedia ads as they don't appear to load properly under HTTPS.
Gemino 6/3/2020

SBBD has been included on a faucet list site called Check These Faucets. They have a great list of faucets to claim from on your daily routine. I have fixed a major glitch with the firestarter item. It was wearing out after only 10 successful uses. Now it is working properly by having a random chance between 1 and 80 to break after it's item health has been reduced from 10 to 1. This game is celebrating it's first month of existance. We now have over 100 registered users and people seem to be having fun.
Gemino 1/3/2020

One awesome player, Hutty has created a review of SBBD. Watch it on Youtube at this link. I have adjusted the fishing skill to be more profitable. When a player goes fishing, a successful catch gives a random amount of 1 to 3 fish instead of just one. This way, each catch may give up to 3 fish. Cooked fish also now sell for 4 funds instead of 3. Players who catch and cook fish will be able to make more funds than by cutting wood. Cooking fish doesn't consume stamina. I have also raised the commission rates in our referral system. The goal is to balance my overhead while continuing to grow this network of faucet gamers.
Gemino 28/2/2020

The option for players to go hunting has been added. This allows players to attempt to initiate npc battles on demand in exchange for stamina. The referral system has been updated to be more profitable. There's now three ways to earn from referrals including registration, faucet claims, and funds withdrawals.
Gemino 21/2/2020

Based on player requests, news items have been added to the game. Stamina potions have been added to give players a boost in gameplay. Axe coupons have been added to make cutting wood more worth while. A referral system has also been added for promotion. Get your referral link on the faucet page while logged in.
Gemino 20/2/2020

People are beginning to register and begin playing SBBD. We are starting to see players level up, try pvp, complete quests, and cash out bitcoin! I am working on adding leaderboards to make the game more competitive.
Gemino 18/2/2020

The first ten people to sign up for this game have been credited 50 funds each to their accounts. Thank you for playing!
Gemino 15/2/2020

A simple bitcoin faucet page has been added for those who want to claim without playing. Claiming from the faucet consumes game stamina and pays directly to your wallet. Adjustments have been made to the gameplay to make things more fair and balanced.
Gemino 15/2/2020

The withdrawal threshold has been lowered to 50 satoshi. I have placed a PTC ad for 1000 clicks on and am hoping for a few registrations.
Gemino 14/2/2020

We are now a facet game. I have implemented the api and have deposited a payment balance. Payment rate is 1 fund to 1 satoshi. Threshold is 100 satoshi.
Gemino 13/2/2020

The game automatically refreshes player interactive game data every 5 seconds. I was concerned about the amount of refreshes that could be created by afk players. I have devised a solution by making the data refresh for only three minutes after the players last activity. After three minutes the game goes into afk mode and stops refreshing until the player interacts with the game again.
Gemino 12/2/2020

Two quests have been released in the game. Quest information is available in the guide. I am working on searching for and fixing errors. I am also working towards incorporating a micro payment processor for the faucet feature.
Gemino 11/2/2020

Magic power has been added to the game combat engine. The Wadjet NPC has been added. For now, the combat engine is done. The game guide has been released. It explains pretty much everything in the game. Now I am working on adding quests.
Gemino 10/2/2020

There is now a captcha that pops up as a random event in the game as an anti bot feature. With this added security, I will now be looking to make this a faucet game and have started the process of affiliation with potential micropayment processors.
Gemino 5/2/2020

I began working on this game a few weeks ago. It's playable, but needs work and will remain under development. Major updates will be posted on this page.
Gemino 4/2/2020